Who We Are

Your strategic partner for designing, manufacturing, mass-sale marketing for Heavy Equipment and Industrial Engineering Products

What We Do

  • Mechanical Product Engineering

    - Partnering with our clients to design the next-generation of heavy equipment, industrial products and systems
    - Helping our clients stay agile and competitive through technology solutions, design-led manufacturing, and marketing

  • Value-Added Manufacturing

    - Manufacturing the quality products based on reliability and performance in our own factory

  • Marketing & Sales

    - Mass-distributing through our global sales networking
    - Targeting in terms of the marketplace, the method to reach our customers and the message to convince our customers to purchase our products or services

JNH Corporation

#302, 18, Baekbeom-ro 297beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, 21546 Korea

T. +82-32-423-0277 / F. +82-32-423-0276 / E.mail : justin@jnh-corp.com
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